Tradingview review: must read before starting in 2019

To say briefly, stock-picking software Tradingview was launched in September 2011. The model of monetization of TradingView is freemium SAAS that has a free version and 3 options of subscription, which require payment but provide a constantly growing range of privileges. Thanks to its flexibility TradingView is popular among active traders nowadays.

What is actually TradingView?

The review of TradingView says that this is a chart based program for all levels of traders, that need to support in the form of communication with other traders, forecasts and analyses. Whether you are experienced trader or just thinking about to dig in the industry, TradingView will definitely go along with you on this path.

How do TradingView works?

TradingView’s free account provides you up-to-date numbers of markets’ shares and currencies, such as S&P, Nasdaq, EUR/USD pair and Crude Oil, Gold and DXY.

The platform creates the list with top authors, market summary of indices, currencies, futures, crypto and bonds. You can also check the list of gainers and losers and read some market news.

You can chart every day with millions of traders, learn from their experience, share yours and suggest your ideas. Active traders quite often call TradingView social media for traders, considering the fact that TradingView gives an opportunity to fill up your profile, which provides a chance to know more about a trader. Profile information includes the date when a trader signed up and when was online last time, his reputation, number of trading ideas and estimation of it by other traders, number of subscribers, activity distribution on markets and his favourite tools with the help of which he creates ideas. This saves a lot of time for other traders to decide whether to trust his opinion or not. But still mind the fact that all the forecasts, recommendations and ideas are all given by the same traders as you are. So, it’s not recommended to change your actions because of someone’s suggestion, but in case a trader’s profile says that he has long-time experience in trading, published a lot of trading ideas and the number of his subscribers are over thousands, it still makes sense to mind his suggestions.

What are the features of TradingView?

As we said in the introduction to TradingView review, it is actually the most attractive advantage of the trading platform as it’s incredibly comfortable. Just imagine all of that you need is just an access to the network and your favourite browser. Then you can start trading. Any device and any browser. It’s really convenient for modern users as we are all very quickly getting used to any kind of comfort. So, when we have to use different computers or laptops it becomes a problem or just wasting precious time to download some special programs all the time. Moreover, sometimes it could be just not safe for your PC.

Any device means that you actually can use even your phone to browse up-to-date charts and analyses. In case you have an iOS device you can also download TradingView App in App Store.

But one of the disadvantages for all of the users is that TradingView is not integrated with the majority of big brokerages. It means that you have to put your trades manually on the brokerage you will choose on your own. Today TradingView has the collaboration with the following stockbrokers:

  • Alor;
  • Merrill;
  • Modalmais;

The recommended work scheme with TradingView

  1. Firstly, sign up for the Pro-version of TradingView. You can use free-trial of it for the beginning.
  2. Research analyses and indices. Analyze them carefully, diversify risks. Don’t pursue one extreme or the other;
  3. For the indices use Weis Wave Volume, for stocks – balance volume, then you can use graphical analysis to determine which direction and what level to choose;
  4. After the careful research and analyzing, you need to decide from which level you can enter a market. You should set up alerts on the sales’ graphics. Then, you just need to wait for the point of entering the market.

Types of TradingView subscriptions

Complete set of functions is open for the Pro-version users. You can’t see some indicators or some types of graphics. You can sign up for the 30days free trial for any tariff plan and use it without limits within the period. Most of the traders just change emails once a month and sign up all over again.

There are three options of subscription. On their official website there is a detailed comparing, but here some major factors:

  • Only premium subscription doesn’t the limitation of saved graphics’ number. For pro and pro+ plans there are respectively 5 and 10 saved graphics;
  • There are limitations of indicators’ number on graphics. For pro, pro+ and premium the limitations are respectively 5, 10 and 25 indicators;
  • Only premium subscribers have a privilege of priority support.

As for free trial subscription, all that you need to submit is your bank card number and confirm the subscription with your phone.

TradingView partnership programme

The authors of TradingView decided not to complicate partnership programme and made it very easy. The rules of it are extremely easy. To say precisely, there is only one rule: you will get 30% of payments of a new client you will bring. But, mind that your referral will generate revenue till he will be the trader of Here’s when you should take seriously whether you need the subscription just for one month with changing your email.

By the way, mind that you can’t withdraw the money until partner’s contribution will overcome $300.

Tradingview is not a perfect platform for active traders, but in our opinion, all disadvantages are not crucial for using and making successful investments. For the majority of traders, the pros of Tradingview are more than enough. Anyway, there is no the same trading platform that can provide you work without any programme. Even though you use all the time your PC, one day you still can face the situation when you will need to use another one.

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