Forex Broker Titan Trade: titans live among us today ?

The TitanTrade broker company works at the market of binary options since 2009. Innovative solutions, professionalism of employees, a good asset choice and options, the partner program, bonuses leave in network contradictory comments about TitanTrade. Most traders clued about the online trading from brokers’ advertising campaigns or from their partners (so-called Introducing Brokers). But if you are sure that you’re trading with the right broker, how fair enough he could be?

First strangeness’s

The broker doesn’t participate in discussions at forums, doesn’t help to solve problems, an impression is made that to a management all the same that think of the company in network how many negative statements can be read on information resources. TitanTrade is registered in London, length of service — about 7 years, the broker isn’t among market leaders of binary trading though for such time of activities it shall leave in the TOP and fix there the line items. The company doesn’t give traders an opportunity to open the demonstration account. A high entrance threshold — $250 and a minimum rate — $25 make an impression that the broker is guided by work with professionals. These data will help to understand where the truth and where custom feedbacks of Titan Trade. It is still important to consider that the broker company provides one of the best point-of-sale terminals with ample opportunities, calculating that traders will estimate it on – to advantage.

Some Words About Regulation

It is known that the broker of Titan Trade is registered in Great Britain. The company quite often uses it in purposes, namely reminds prospective clients, how strictly regulators of Great Britain belong to fraudulent structures including to some brokers binary options. The broker tries to inspire in these feeling of safety and safety of a money of traders. But the most interesting fact is that Titan Trade doesn’t possess any license for activities neither from the British bodies nor from any other regulators. In other words, trade on the platform of this company is a very risky and in case of deception to traders not will where address with the claim.

False employees

The fixed lie of staff of the Titan Trade company aggravates reputation even more. They assure clients of safety and safety of their means, persuade to recharge for even large sums and even give obviously false advice when and what option to buy. As a result, when all truth comes to light, nothing remains to traders how to leave furious comments about the broker. And when investors try to clear a situation why a conclusion is late or the account is blocked, nothing is impossible to them as the staff of Titan Trade simply doesn’t answer. And if the answer, then only rudely.

The Conclusion

In general, there are no doubts that Titan Trade if isn’t permanent, then from time to time uses fraudulent acceptances in relation to the clients.

They try to hide such actions the mass purchase of positive reviews capable by the quantity to block real claims of clients.

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