USI-TECH Scam Review: is it even Tech?

In early March, a new investment project called USI-TECH (the official site https was launched on the Internet. The site gives the opportunity to invest at a low interest rate, let’s see – is it worth it? We are going to check out and prove that USI Tech scam is a fraudulent project that is aimed only on your wallet. USI Tech is a disguised Ponzi scheme pyramid, so we are going to learn about this type of scam as well.

The Legend of the HYPE Project

According to legend, finders of USI Tech scam have been developing robot assistants for trading in the forex market for more than 20 years. It is said that over the last 8 years more than 100 similar programs have been developed and sold. Further from these pairs of suggestions you can guess that we are offered to test the program being developed at this moment, investing money and receiving passive income from trading software in the FOREX market. Maybe this could be mistaken as a sensible legend if we were not promised to get revenue interest every day, even on weekends when the markets do not actually work. So you cannot even make a research on the Internet for information about this company, it is immediately clear that we have a regular hype scam.


Investment plans and

We are offered to invest (at least $ 50) for 140 days at 1% per day, in the end we will have 40% of profit after 4.5 months or about 8.5% of profit per month. But the affiliate program surprises with the number of levels – 10% -3% -3% -3% -3% -3% -3% -1% -1% -1% -1%, it feels like the admin has some problems key 3 on keyboard. For such a partnership you need to have a minimal contribution of $ 600.

Technical part

The presented site of USI Tech is poorly informative and represents almost one page, and a personal cabinet. Nevertheless, the project is done accurately, it has 3 language versions. To get the idea how it is actually serious, take look at the design of the project adapted for mobile devices, looks like a big amount of work for developers of such complex software, but let’s not forget that this is just a legend. Also, it’s not clear when all the prices in Euros are indicated, while the project takes only bitcoins, and it’s pretty funny.

Ponzi Scam Scheme

The package of bitcoins that is offered by USI Tech calculator is clearly a Ponzi scheme. Basically they offer pretty consistent return for your investment and the amount is surprisingly volatile: 1% on a daily basis 5-6 days a week. This package is presented as the product of this pyramid scheme.

Most of Ponzi schemes share a number of common characteristics:

  1. Consistent returns. Investment is such an area where ups and downs are normal, so it’s not too hard to be suspect of software that promises only highest returns.
  2. Highest returns without risk. It’s not a secret that any investment implies some kind of risk, and if the mentioned return is higher, the risk will also be higher. Be aware of such “guaranteed” opportunities.
  3. Sellers without licenses. It is clear that such companies should provide required license or registration required by state and federal authorities. It’s not surprising that the most part of such companies can’t provide any kind of legitimate registration or license.
  4. Investments without registration. Typical sign of Ponzi scheme involves investment (or investments) that is not registered with the state or SEC regulators. The registration is very important due to the fact that it provides the access to the necessary information to investors like company’s products, finances, management and services.
  5. Problems with papers. If you were informed that there is no way you can learn information about the investment on the paper, you should avoid such investments by any means. Note that inconsistencies and errors in account statement may be a sign of the state of affairs where your funds are not invested as it mentioned.
  6. Complex and cloudy strategies. Forget about investments that not clear for you, or you cannot get the full information about the information, this is an important rule of thumb.
  7. Problems with receiving payments. If you have difficulties or even can’t receive a payment it is a bad sign.

USI Tech is perfectly fits each of the seven mentioned signs of pyramid scam. You have no control over your money after it invested, you get hilariously huge amount of revenue that is clearly impossible to pay to each user, and we can continue for a long time, looks like the number of scam signs is endless.



A low yield of up to 10% per month implies a good amount of money. It’s ridiculous to invest 100-200 dollars in low-interest programs. And if you want to invest a serious amount, you need to see a time-tested, interesting and well-designed project in which you can really benefit. Unfortunately, USI-TECH does not have enough work to invest large sums in it. So the big players will pass by, because who wants to play trivia within a couple of hundreds? Investing in hype project with a skilful approach can bring a stable income, but for this you need to carefully select sites for deposits.

If you do not have experience in choosing projects, then we recommend learning about our favorite trade system Tool Trades. This signal system is not aimed to make you instant rich, because unfortunately, we are not living in the magic world. Instead, if you use Tool Trades, you can stay in touch with current trends and decide when to make a bet on your own. This trading system is legitimate that is transparent to its users. With Tool Trades you can control your investments.  This signals system built with a statistical algorithm that will perform calculations with a perfect accuracy. Tool Trades signals system doesn’t promise you to make you instantly rich, but it will definitely help you to make more money and make your life more comfortable by saving your time and energy.

It is really hard to find a good one trading system in nowadays environment. We hope that this article will help you make the right decision and avoid another fraud.



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