Verified robot – is it a SCAM or you can really make great money out of it?

So let’s sort it out. If the online trading system called Verified Broker is really working?

Speaking of trading, many of you might not know that nowadays it has become a great opportunity to earn money without going out of your house. What are the principles of this online activity? Basically, you become an investor. By choosing your online representative – online broker, you download the platform for trading, they offer, and where you place your orders to make a profit out of it. It does sound easy, but it is not. First of all, if you are a beginner, you should learn a lot about the stock market, Bitcoin currencies and the economic situation in general, so you could make prognoses for certain currencies or commodities. Then we would recommend using demo account for some time, so you become more confident and only then to invest real money. Some people might say that this is an easy job from home, but experienced traders will not agree. It is a full-time job, where you need to be on top of the things all the time and see the economic situation.

Why Verified Robot is a SCAM?

The market for Cryptocurrencies is even more unpredictable than the regular stock market. So to make profits there, you need to work hard. And that is one of the first reasons, why we think that Verified Broker is a SCAM – they promise you to see great profit without you doing anything.

This is what they state at the very beginning – you don’t need to learn or do anything, but still, you will get the profit. The Robot will do the trading for you automatically. This is a true SCAM. If the Crypto trading would be so easy, then every second person on the trading market would be a millionaire.

Moving on to one more evidence of the statement that Verified Robot is a SCAM, we would like to notice, that there is absolutely no legal information or any safety policy published on this website. They are offering you to invest, but that’s it. What will be happening with your money next – this is not their problem anymore, and you will not fin a legal way to return the money if they decide not to give it back to you.

Then there is one ridiculous thing on their website that we noticed. They have a list of people, who have made profits using Verified Robot. And they are listed with their pictures and amounts that they’ve made. But if you look closely at the pictures, you will see that those people are absolutely fake. The names of men are standing next to females pictures.

And if you will go on websites of images of models that you can purchase for use on the web you will find those faces there, because as we already said, they are not real.

And there are more feedbacks here from the people, who are calling to make around $2000 a week profits using Verified Broker. Yes, the amount is not so big; it is possible to make this much. But only if you are an experienced trader and you need to put an effort into it. You will not just get this much without doing anything. And once again, if you look at those people pictures, you will see that those are fake.

The description of the activity of Verified robot is also very much contradictory. On the one hand, in their intro video, they guarantee the profits starting from the moment you invest. You do need to do anything – robot will do everything for you. And then on the same web page, you see, that the percentage of profits is 86% – and what happens, the robot is only predicting, where the price of Cryptocurrency will go, it will not tell 100%.

Experienced traders would not say anything – they would just laugh because they would know, that there is not such a program that would predict the market movements accurate. All the traders might only guess – so obviously if you are promised 100% result, it is a SCAM.

But still even after so many evidence on this system being a SCAM. A lot of people still invest their money in it. Verified Robot creators are using one psychological trick. On the web page, they are showing in real time, how much their clients are winning. This is definitely fake information. But for many people, it is working as if this is a red cloth for the bull. They all want the same money to be on their account as fast as possible. So they do not think too long and invest in this SCAM system immediately. The amounts of money are not so big – this is one more trick, to make the client think, that this is a safe investment.

And what else they are doing to attract new members? They are describing the work of Verified Robot as the program that was written by experienced programmers and now is working for everyone’s good. If this kind of program would exist, then why would anyone give it away for free? It definitely would not be in an open access of everyone on the web.

As we mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no information on regulations that this company is working under and they might say that they are only playing a role of mediator between the investor and the online brokers that are actually doing the trading. But if you would take a look at the pages of those brokers, you would see that there is absolutely no information on their legitimacy either. And some of the websites are not even working. We were able to access only one – Valforex. And it didn’t seem accountable to us.

Our recommendations for traders

It is very hard to predict the movements of Crypto or any other currencies. And if you are a beginner, it is easy to get confused – which trading system is for you and which one is not a SCAM. We will be recommending you today Tools Trades. This system is providing you with accurate signals, that you can use to trade. If you are looking for a safe partner today to invest your money and learn how to trade properly, this online system is for you. Regarding the safety of your money – you can be sure that it will be safe with the Tools Traders system. The system is working perfectly for beginner traders, as it is still a little difficult for them to see the whole picture of the market. So this system will be performing as a great tool for the trader and will be helping you to get the profits you’ve always wanted.

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