Wealthy affiliate scam: see how not to waste your time and still be able to profit

Welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate review. We have some experience trying to learn and open our own path in the world of internet marketing. We have read a lot and tried a few products and our desire is to share our opinion to avoid others committing same mistakes or, at least, save time in learning and can get going as soon as possible.
You have to understand that if you are reading this post you have been looking for a way to make money online or have even heard about Wealthy Affiliate and are looking for that negative comment. Calling it a scam, scam or loss of time that makes you give up trying it and keep dreaming of creating your own business on the Internet and being the owner of your workday.

But it’s not going to be that way, since we’ve already told you that this website is more than a simple online learning service that also allows you to earn money if you can attract new members. It goes much further, thanks to its learning tools, its active community of members, technical and professional support to solve your problems and / or doubts and much more. And all for free or for very little passive profits per month (in case you want to access the tools and advanced content of the Premium option).

Initial assessment

After the first contact we can advance several positive and negative aspects about Wealthy Affiliate.
On the positive side we have:

  • Very simple and structured learning process step by step.
  • Learning through videos, tutorials, classes and courses.
  • Hundreds of lessons and content that will help you became an expert in online marketing.
  • All the tools you need for your online business in one place (web hosting, content management system, modern designs compatible with Smartphone, …)
  • Option to create and maintain two free websites.
  • Technical support and help 24 hours a day.
  • Interact with a community of more than 10,000 active members willing to tell you their experiences and help you with your doubts.
  • It allows you to start your online business and start earning money for free.

But not everything is going to be rosy, Wealthy Affiliate also has its cons:

  • You’re not going to make lots of money overnight.
  • You have to dedicate time to learn and work hard.
  • It is necessary to follow the program step by step and not want to skip anything, since you would run the risk of losing yourself due to its incredible volume of contents.
  • The contents are in English, but easily understandable (if you need help, contact me directly through my user profile).
  • The Starter option allows you to enjoy total access for 7 days totally free, but if you really want to save time (remember that time is money) in learning and solving doubts, you will have to become a Premium member to have full access to all Wealthy Affiliate services and not having to waste hours searching the internet.

It is Suitable for…

As it is said in the world of entertainment, Wealthy Affiliate is for all audiences. It is valid for young and old, absolute beginners or experts who want to take their business to another level, from America, Europe or anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection and a computer (even a tablet).
It is more a service and a community than a product. The key to its success is how its creators have been able to put into practice on their own website the need for all internet marketers to create a reputation and interact online. When you start it is like a practice of your learning but afterwards it is part of your day to day, you help the new ones and the veterans help you. Sharing experiences is essential to continue growing and being better in this profession.
Yes, I have said profession, since although at this moment you only want to try to see how this is about trying to make money with a website, if you follow the proper training and the necessary steps (without shortcuts of doubtful reputation offered by other products, but of that already I will speak in another post dedicated to the Black hat SEO), you can get to live on it … and we know of a few who are doing very well.

The price

Even in this aspect the product is clear. There are only two types of membership (membership in English).

  • Starting Membership: totally free
  • Premium Membership: $ 49 per month or $ 359 if paid for the entire year.

Strarting Membership allows you to create and maintain two websites free of charge and partially access forums, tools and learning content. Basically everything you need to launch your website and acquire the basic knowledge to be able to make money online.
The Premium Membership gives you full access to all the content and tools, allows you to communicate through private messages with all members (including the owners and creators of Wealthy Affiliate), the possibility of creating as many websites as you wish and puts everything in your hand what you need to become an expert in internet marketing.

Our verdict

Highly recommended product, the best we’ve found so far to start an online business and make money online … and we’ve been searching for a while. We are reluctant to pay for anything related to the internet without being able to try it for free first and I found it here. We know that you will tell us that for free it is only part of the product and services, but we saved the best for last:
We did it and it was the first product in which we decided to pay to be a member. Previously we had only paid for our domains and hosting with Hostgator (which is a very good option for this), but not for any other tools that Wealthy Affiliate makes available to us.
Why? Basically for the time that we save ourselves in looking for quality information, updated learning tools, step by step training and by the support community in case of any doubt. We remind you once again that time in business is money and rest assured that by spending a great part of that time you use to search Google to work directly on your websites, the results will come sooner and the investment will have been worth it.

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