What about spotfxoption.com broker?

This broker isn’t well-known in the trading and information about its activity raises many questions. Here is what we have found about them.

About the registration of the company spotfxoption.com

First, when someone is looking for info about the broker’s reliability, he needs to know about company registration. On their website there is no information about the company until you reviewed the page registration. You’ll find their address there, and not a word about their registration. Ok, let’s check the address from this page. It is written that their location is in London, but you can’t find something about the company with such a name if you look for them on Google maps. It is strange, isn’t it? Besides it is impossible to find something about their legislation to trade and the guarantees. Let’s go further.

About the website

The site spotfxoption.com exists not for a long time. Its age was about three and a half months when this review was written. Also, all the links on their social networks are fake and lead back on their site. This knowledge is disappointing, but on their website, you can find other methods for contacting. Maybe it is a new broker and he needs a chance to give, but it seems suspicious and strange.

Now a few words about the money safety. The site doesn’t have any certificate and connection isn’t secure. It means that your data and any information can be stolen and used not for your happiness. Not very pleasant info, especially when you don’t use a special bank card for trading. Call us paranoid, but it is necessary when the case is about the money.

About their terms and conditions

The terms of the company are very surprising because this company writes strictly about the stop of the contract if the legal authorities of your country contact with it! It is very, very strange… Also, the only language that they work with is English that is not good for a big company.

About the functions

After all the knowledge about the company it is most likely that you don’t want to trade using this broker, but maybe it is interesting for you still what they can offer.

The broker specializes on the binary options and offers different instruments. These instruments are One Touch, High/Low and Boudary. There is information on the website about these tools that can be helpful if you’re a beginner in trading. Though we think that it is not so many tools and it will be good to have more of them. The broker works with different currencies, stocks and indices. The minimum sum that you can invest is 25 dollars and the maximum is 10000 dollars. They accept almost all types of payments.


Considering all the information about this broker we don’t advise to work with it. Their website, terms and conditions and legislation to trade raises many questions. Also their website has not trusted certificate and you can lose your money and personal data using it. Although many people like risking using binary options, this company with great probability can leave you without any money and we cannot advise to use it.

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