What is Bannercodes – Can you really make Money

Again… Scam? Is it possible to make money on bannercodes?

When someone is looking for an opportunity to earn extra money, most often he is advised to find a temporary part-time job. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to do it? In this case, you need to find ways to get passive income – earning money with a small investment of time and effort on your part.

Perhaps you could do with the business you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you would travel the world more. Perhaps you would move to another country with a better climate and quality of life. Someone would spend more time with their family and take more care of their health. And someone would combine all of the above! And passive income just allows you to implement these ideas.

The idea of passive income is so appealing to people all over the world precisely because it allows a person to do more of what they like and minimize what they don’t like.

For this reason, such services as bannercodes are widespread on the internet, and many people are trying to earn passive income using these platforms. But what is their essence and is it real? Let’s see. Is bannercodes legit?

What is bannercodes?

Bannercodes 2018 is a system that offers its customers a way for passive income with banner ads. The bottom line is that the user acquires advertising through the site banner located on one of the sites. And then the question arises: due to what the user receives income? It’s simple.

You probably know that many companies pay for the promotion of their product. I.e. buy advertising. Internet users can constantly meet advertising banners in the network, and when they click on the banner and go to the advertiser’s website, the “owner” of the banner receives money for it. Simply put, users earn money for the number of clicks on their banner. The scheme is very simple, is not it?

But many still doubt the credibility of such earnings. And they do it right, because banners are not free, and you have to pay for them. Does it make sense to invest in a cause that is questionable? This is what we should check in bannercodes review.

Can one make money online?

Theoretically, it’s possible. But on the practical side, the site raises many questions, that is why there is distrust. We have already uncovered a lot of fraud, so we used to rely not on luck, but on logic.

So, as elsewhere, to work on the site, you need to register. As a rule, this process does not take much time and is quite simple: enter your data and phone number.

The very design of the site is very simple, but it is impossible not to notice the presence of hype and promises of success.

Next – the site offers to buy banners, where advertising will be located in the future. But we do not have any information about what sites they will be posted on, how often they will appear and do not know anything about the process.

Again, back to advertising, which promises $5 000 per day. It even sounds like a fairy tale. Of course, many people want to believe in miracles, but it is worth remembering that no one will ever just tell you about the magical method of enrichment. Consider the situation clearly-headed and assess the real feasibility to earn money.

A photo of a successful person in an expensive suit is also a good marketing trick because looking at it you will certainly want to become as “successful”. And then without thinking to give their money to a dubious company in the hope that one day will earn more than six months.

What aroused suspicion?

So, we had to act as usual and look for as much information about the platform as possible. About something that we found, we can say that the site was created relatively recently and exists for only 3(!) weeks’. This already raises a lot of suspicions, as the website did not prove itself, there are no bannercodes reviews on the network, but the company already makes big promises about big income.

Further, what you should pay attention to – the creation of this site cost owners only $8. This may indicate that the developers did not invest in the development of the site.

Many people may find that this is quite normal, and over time the site will develop and will invest. But, as practice shows, so often works a fraudulent scheme.

As a rule, scammers often change the name of their companies and sites, but their essence remains the same. Therefore, the lifetime of the domain can largely determine whether the site is fraudulent.

You should always give preference only to proven and reliable sites that have been used by many users. This reduces the risk of getting caught by scammers and losing money. Especially we are talking about sites that require investments.

Well, the most important thing to note. Legal regulations, which are located on the main page of the site, contradict all the promises which advertising and fake reviews give on the main page. The developers of the site directly say that you have a chance to earn absolutely no money.

Our recommendations

This time we were able to identify the scammers again. Now we can say with confidence that you cannot trust bannercodes scam.

In the pursuit of passive income, one should be reasonably approached to the issue of investment. You should be clearly aware that only you are responsible for the money you invest. There are always risks, but they are all justified, especially when the deception is quite obvious.

When the company itself, which first gives you promises of an unusually large profit, and then ascribes a small font warning about the possibility of losing money is a scammer. This is already sufficient proof that you will not get anything here.

Before you deal with such companies, study all available information about the company and about the way of earnings which it offers well. It will help you to avoid scammers’ traps and save your money. Be careful!

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