Cryptomatic App: Easy Way to Money ?

When you’re trying to earn money on the Internet, some problems may arise on your way to success. The most severe issue is running into a scam. They make money on newbies and people who are experienced in trading sphere but not careful. They are taking your money and desire to trade further. Although this is an area where you can be successful but you should sort through all the nuances.
For your safety and well-being, we are checking such trading platforms as Cryptomatic App. Our task is to separate the wheat from the chaff, incriminate the frauds and caution you from using their platform to invest. This is a Trading robot which makes all the investing work instead of you. Trading robots were developed for trading without human intervention.

Salient Facts We Could Find

Now we’re going to drill down a little bit more now, into something called Cryptomatic App. The Cryptomatic app is new software for trading bitcoins over the Internet. According to platform creator, it is an app made up of the brightest people in the technological and financial world, people who earned millions through trading. They have improved their strategies and software so that the members can create 1-2 BTC per week. He invites you in this message and presents it as a personal invitation just for you so that you can feel special. At the end of this, he underlines that you shouldn’t share this information with others, because they have only a few places.

Even the inexperienced trader understands that it’s cheating. If that were true, why would they create the app for public access at all?
Also, on the website, you can find the review from successful members of their team that earned a lot in the short term.

What is more important that they refute the good reviews about their platform at the bottom of their webpage. It says that people, allegedly, who made a lot of money, were hired actors and the video about the benefits of the platform is fictional. They dug their own grave by posting this information.

Let’s go deeper

The creator promises the system should be very easy to use and does not require a lot of knowledge or years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency, financial markets or software. For this reason, the Cryptomatic system must be quickly profitable and useful for beginners. All these promises made us wonder as we were often engaged in fraudsters and their software programs and heard similar high-profile promises – only deeply disappointed eventually. So our readers should not suffer the same trauma, we decided to conduct a comprehensive test of the CryptoMatic application in order to consider all aspects of this trading software for Bitcoin our steps.
The founder of the Cryptomatic application is David Fox. He launched the program 5 years ago when the Blockchain trend was still in its infancy. The goal was to give all people the opportunity to trade and make money using bitcoins using the technology of David Fox and his team of experts. The stated goal was that the system generates 1-2 bitcoins per week and for each user. This is a big goal, taking into account that there is only a limited number of bitcoins in circulation, and other things also puzzled us.
A good bitcoin trading system is based on advanced technology, as well as modern and intelligent software. Especially a system like the Cryptomatic App, whose founder makes such big promises, should work fine. However, we couldn’t find any information about the system, processes or technology in our research on the website. The video, again and again, mentions that users can trust David Fox and his system and don’t have to worry. This is a classic tactic of frauds to lure inexperienced traders.
Even our experienced testers still know very little about the way how the Cryptomatic application works. During our test, our experts felt that the platform is very suspicious and it seemed at first side that it’s a scam because no one could tell them how the system worked – and there was no way to contact David Fox.
Actually, the online search for David Fox gave no results. It is strange that a person with such success is probably mentioned in this or that magazine. In addition, the photo that shows David Fox is taken from the photo database. Therefore, anyone could use this picture.
When we dug even deeper, it turned out that this platform was developed and already used by various similar scammers.
After registration, you will be informed that you can only use it if you deposit at least 250 euros to an unregulated broker named Trade Capital. This broker is known for its multiple fraudulent schemes, which only confirms our statement that Cryptomatic App, collaborating with such a fraud, is a scam.
We want to emphasize that none of our readers should under any circumstances invest the money with the Cryptomatic App, to say nothing of use it. The whole system has to do is pull money out of the pockets of inexperienced and careless traders. Even the assertion that only a few places are available in the system is another classic tactic of frauds.

What can we say to conclude?

After completing our thorough investigation, we are 100% sure that the Cryptomatic application is a crystal clear scam. Its founder is not a real person, the system is not described or explained in any way, and several clear fraudulent tactics are used to lure the unsuspecting and untrained trader into the financial trap. Therefore, we want to warn all of our readers here: under no circumstances use the Cryptomatic App Trading System!
If you really want to try to make money on cryptocurrency trading, first try a free demo account with a regulated broker.
We can advise you, in order to invest and be in the black and not to be deceived, to trade only with proven platforms. One of these is “ToolsTrades”- Signals Trades system. This is a reliable trading platform with signals, it helps to predict with great precision what to invest in. We can call it a proven system that we have tested many times successfully.

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