What is earthcoin – Scam or opportunity to earn

Earthcoin is the best way to earn money? Or another Scam?

Over the past 5 years, the number of different cryptocurrencies has increased tens or even hundreds of times. Not all of them took a confident position, and not all of them bring income their depositors. It would seem that it is impossible to predict the development of a particular currency in advance. Perhaps analysts with extensive experience will do it with ease. But what about common users, including many inexperienced beginners?

This is not a big deal, and many novice investors can learn the truth about different brokers and companies with the help of services that host reviews on various types of investments. Also in this earthcoin review we will tell you what earthcoin is, and whether there is a chance to make a profit from the investment.

In order to understand how effective work with this currency is, you need to first get acquainted with the company and determine its principle of operation.

What is earthcoin?

We managed to find some information about the company, and that’s actually how it positions itself:

“Earthcoin (EAC) is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency obtained from the Litecoin fork in December 2013. The project has developed a special payment system, which is based on different characteristics of the Earth and its rotation. Special bonuses are awarded at the end of seasons, lunar cycles and calendar months. Earthcoin provides extremely fast transaction processing speed – just 30 seconds.

2% of the coins from the total issue were produced during the premine, which were used for promotion, distribution, bounty, development and long-term support of the project.”

All this sounds very tempting. But what kind of company is it? Is earthcoin legit? I will help you to handle it.

A little about the site

If we talk about the website earthcoin, there is virtually no information about the company, what are its goals, the purpose of creation and so on. Among other things, there some contact information is available and links to company profiles in social networks.

It looks very strange. Despite the fact that many proven and reliable sites offer users to register the account and work with the currency with it. On the website of earthcoin one cannot found such an option. And it looks suspicious enough.

The site does not have a technical support number that could solve the issues of users. This is a very important sign that the work of the site is not serious.

How it works

So, at one time earthcoin 2019 made a lot of noise in the network. Many found this idea very tempting. In fact, to tell the truth, earthcoin conducted a very aggressive marketing policy and attracted a lot of investors. But not always this excitement can serve as a sign that the currency will be successful. Such public interest can be a signal that something is wrong here, and makes you wonder if this is another HYIP.

The peculiarity of earthcoin is that a slightly fluctuating block reward, supposedly in accordance with earth’s rotation. According to the company, there are about 11.8 billion earthcoin coins. This is a fairly large figure. But the fact is that during their marketing campaigns slipped the following phrase, which raises many questions and makes you wonder, and can you trust this company?

“Premined 2% for promotions, giveaway, bounties, dev and long term support.” If you count, 2% of the 11.8 billion is 236,000,000 coins. Earthcoin also had superblocks, making it not only massively pre mined but instamined as well.

The high return on investment demonstrates the explosive growth of the coin, stimulating further investors. But the numbers can be deceiving. In the case of earthcoin, it becomes clear that these coins will not be used in the future, and already on the example of many other stories we can say that like any other fraudster earthcoin will look for another gullible users who will be ready to invest their money in the purchase of such a dubious currency.

What’s the trick?

And now, an interesting fact – the earthcoin currency cannot be traded on any major exchanges.

Given the fact that the company was founded in 2013, the currency has not yet entered any market, and many users have lost their funds as a result of these unsuccessful investments. In addition, according to other earthcoin reviews, this currency has been added to the list of dead currencies since was abandoned with no volume.

By the way, the name of the founder and director of the company remained unknown. Of course, the anonymity of the company is always alarming. This is one of the points that you should always pay attention to when choosing a company with which you are going to cooperate and make investments.

From many reviews and news articles, it was possible to find out that behind all this scam there were scammers who controlled the blocks and mining. However, the site was subsequently restored and continued to function. But it is quite obvious that after a loud failure, no one will trust earthcoin.


Drawing conclusions from all of the above, we can confidently say that earthcoin is scam. That’s why many analysts and experts in the field of cryptocurrencies compare earthcoin Scam with the acclaimed onecoin and coinspace. All of them have the same principle of action, but for some reason, after numerous complaints and revelations, few people pay attention to it.

Such fraudulent schemes will always exist, and it is impossible to get rid of them entirely. We can only hope for our own prudence. Our team can advise you to be more careful and cautious in advance to collect as much information about the company in which you are going to invest, especially when it comes to large sums. Necessarily tell your friends and acquaintances involved in cryptocurrency about the fraud of earthcoin, so that they are not deceived.

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