What to expect from BDSwiss – Scam or honest broker

Whether to be afraid of BDSwiss bench or you can trust

BDSwiss is a trading company that offers users to trade stocks, currencies and raw materials on the stock exchange.

The offer is quite interesting because this method of earning money has become quite popular. This was due to the fact that trading on the stock exchange can bring a good income with minimal investment. The risks are high, but it doesn’t stop people. On the Internet, there are many examples of such “lucky” who made capital on currency trading. Many in the pursuit of happiness run to the stock exchange, not suspecting that somewhere they can be deceived.

And this is very often used by scammers. Therefore, in the pursuit of easy money, you need to be very vigilant. This time we will understand whether the next trading company BDSwiss is legit.

What the company offers users

So, at first glance, the site seems very reliable and decent. The design is low-key and that unwittingly brings a sense of confidence. It’s the most common strategy because marketing techniques are the same everywhere. So, there is not so much information about the company. Basically, the user sees a lot of numbers that promise huge payout amounts, short withdrawal times, etc. However, is this really the truth?

In order to start trading on the exchange, you need to register. It is absolutely free. A funny fact, during registration one can see the tempting statistics of the amount of earnings, and other indicators that should impress the user so that he did not doubt the actions.

Moreover, beginners in the field of trading can attract information about how to start trading on the stock exchange. The site offers various video courses not only for beginners but also for those who have some experience. However, having studied this information, we can say that it is not any special, as many similar materials are available on the Internet in the public domain.

Another interesting fact is that the service can not be used by residents of any countries except Europe. Later in BDSwiss review, we consider the deficiencies that were identified.

Withdrawal of funds

After studying several sources, you can make the following conclusion – many users have faced serious problems with withdrawals. In many forums people complain that the withdrawal requires a complex identification of the person, and in the end, many cannot get their earned money.

Some even compare the process of withdrawing money with the”third world war”. So judging by such statements it is possible to get a fairly complete picture of this procedure. This is strong proof that you do not need to unconditionally trust advertising, which is sharply evident.

This is a common marketing hook when the company promises to give the client what they want, and in the shortest time and spending as little effort as possible.

Another problem that has affected some users is the disappearance of money from the account, during successful transactions. So, the essence lies in the fact, that users are trading on the stock exchange, make transactions. And when the transaction is successful, the user receives to his account quite a large amount, but a few minutes before the transaction is completed, from the user’s account suddenly disappears part of the money.

The company refers to the fact that there could be any problems at the conducting of a transaction, or it could be affected by other factors.

Another disadvantage is that not all countries’ users can withdraw their funds. Namely, to be able to withdraw funds, the user must be a resident of any European country. So if you live, for example, in the Philippines, then you are unlikely to get your earned money.

Anyway, to lose money is not very nice, and these coincidences seem very strange and suggest that this is another Scam. Although the site contains relevant documents confirming the legality of BDSwiss 2018.

The company tries to refute these accusations in every way, appeals to users with a request to solve these problems through the support service. By the way, this problem will be considered separately.

Support service

This is the main reason why you should not start working with this company. Initially, it was stated on the main page of the site – awaiting a response from support is 35 seconds. It’s another deception. A huge number of BDSwiss reviews say that if you receive the answer from the support service – it’s good because in other cases, your question can be ignored.

Another complaint about the support service is cheating beginners. If you are decided to start trading on the stock exchange for the first time, do not do it on BDSwiss, because a representative of the company can persuade you to invest to start a decent amount of money, about $1000. Of course, you can easily lose this money. But the company is not particularly concerned, as it has already benefited its profit from this.

Commission for inaction

The Commission for withdrawal of funds in this company is very high – 20%. But this is not the biggest problem, because the company can remove the commission, for example, for inaction on the site. If you are not ready for such costs, you should not start working with this broker.

It may seem that this situation is absurd. But this is actually the truth and on the site, it can be removed the commission from your account without explaining what you pay the commission for.


If we talk about all of the above, this time we managed quickly to expose BDSwiss Scam. If you do not want to lose your money, then do not contact this broker. The main key criteria of service, which are responsible for the quality of service, leave much to be desired. Untimely assistance from technical support, problems with the withdrawal of funds. All this says that the company does not want to properly perform the services that were originally announced on the main page of the site.

Our service is specifically designed to expose unscrupulous companies, so contacting us you can warn yourself and your friends from fraud and loss of funds.

If you still decide to start trading on the stock exchange, then on our website you will find information about proven companies. This approach to the problem can avoid further difficulties.

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