Ashford investments are scammers? Or did you just didn’t understand?

If the thought of investing had crossed your mind, well, you came to the right place. We will sort the wheat from the chaff and at the end of this post, you will understand whether to engage in investing your money in such trading brokers at

An important step in this area is to understand the trading market. For a beginner, this can lead to some type of difficulties. Let us see what we know about

The Facts

How they write about themselves this binary options broker is the most secure in the world, but is it so? The basic information concerning this company are set out below, also you can check this out on their

This broker was opened in 2017 by Teres Media Limited that is situated in Bulgaria. The registered address is located in the Marshall Islands with paymaster in Azerbaijan. To all point stated above, we can add their telephone number, which begins with British area code +44. Too many locations for a secure broker, do you agree?

We couldn’t find any information about their financial regulation so they have no license. What it means, you ask.

The Security

If the company are not under financial regulation of an independent authority (for instance FCA in Britain), they’re likely to vanish in the blink of an eye. Almost 90% of trading brokers without regulation or registered as offshore companies in the Marshall Islands, end up to be scams. Such reputable financial agencies set up a lot of rules which trading market is to follow, otherwise, they will cease the activity of dishonest brokers. There are different types of frauds, for example, a company can disappear from the market or they can refuse to give your money back. Unless you’d like to be cheated, avoid such trading brokers as Firstly, they are a short time on the market and therefore have no reputation among traders. Secondly, with regards to the regulation, such companies do not have one that means you shouldn’t trade with them, there is no guarantee you will have your money back.

Other conditions

They can trade currencies, Indices, Stocks, Pairs and Crypto Currencies.

Minimum Initial Deposit is $250 that is far too much for beginners. For your entry trading level, you can find the companies with less deposit.

Minimum bet size is $25 that is also too high. You can find brokers with minimum bet size at the rate of $1.

Ashford investments don’t operate the industry-leading platform for traders MetaTrader4 (MT4). It operates SpotOption platform that is not so bad. But this platform differs practically nothing from another binary platform.

The broker doesn’t offer demo-account, so you cannot just try, that immediately makes you a fully fledged member of the trading market.

The Answer is «NO»

In conclusion, taking into account the fact that the negative sides of this broker exceed the number of advantages, we would advise against trading with this broker. Keep your money safe.

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