Why 50kaweek.pro is a SCAM and what you should do with it?

Since the Internet has become a necessary part of our life, people have opened a huge variety of opportunities to make money online. As we have to deal with people all around the globe, there is no guarantee that some of them don’t have the intention to trick us with fake programs that promise to you getting free and quick money. It is well-known that almost everybody needs some extra money, and if someone promises incredible amounts of it to us for some not really big price,(for not a big price) why should we refuse? That’s the first mistake that people make when they first get on the page of one or another trading system. And 50kaweek.pro is a great example of it.

But, first, let’s figure out what a trading system is. A trading system is an online activity that allows you to earn money by guessing how the currency is going to change in some period in the future. You have to buy any currency you choose and then forecast whether it will go up or down with the time. If the guess is correct, you will get the profit, but if not, then your money is gone. To make thoughtful bets you have to always be involved with the global financial situation, news and recent events, and, also, have some really good mathematic skills. One of the recent most popular currency is a bitcoin. It is stuck in the leading places on the majority of financial markets. But it would be wiser to firstly have a little bit closer look at some trading systems before getting down into the world of big money. There are lots of them that are called SCAMS and they concentrate on taking your money without giving any profit to you.

One of such SCAM systems is 50kaweek.pro and we will talk about it more detail. As stated in their welcome video, they promise you a guaranteed profit of up to 50000$ a week. That’s a pretty interesting offer, right? If only it wasn’t just another way of getting money out of people’s wallets. Just like a robbery. Of course, the main accent in this video is made on the problem that, in real life, if you want to make more money than you already do, you have to work harder and dedicate more and more of your time to it. While this is the truth of life, this program promises that with their system you won’t need to work harder to make crazy money. More than that, the video states that you will need to work less and less but will always earn more and more. The problem is that the only thing that they can promise to you is that you will never get your money back, once you deal with them. The main auditory that they are trying to get to young people that are looking for an easy way to make money online.

In their video 50kaweek.pro state that their software is 100% free. SCAMs like that always promise that you won’t lose anything for trying their program. But, of course, there is a trick here. Almost every time after you get the software for free, you will be asked to enter the first deposit to start making deals, which can be even higher than 250$. So, obviously, this is not the amount that you would like to lose. So, companies like this one can make money with just the first deposits from the people that got attracted by their dirty scheme.
At the very end of that video you may notice that the pictures on the background show you the life almost every person would love to live one day: nice cars, expensive restaurants, success in private life – all of this is shown to you to make a mental connection between this SCAM system and the life you can get, using their software. That’s a pretty simple trick to get your attention and an easy way of making you want to at least try their program.

Their main idea is based on the robot that they “have invented”. The promise is that it is a smart robot program that will choose the right deal for you and almost never does mistakes. They are explaining that you, as a human, no matter how good your skills are, can always have a risk at making mistakes just because you have emotions, and that’s why your forecast can sometimes get affected by your moral instability. Of course, we all can be stressed, but the robot they are trying to make you believe in will never guarantee you the profit. That’s why 50kaweek.pro is a SCAM.
Let’s have a little bit closer look at this lie. These so-called robots are the first signal that you are dealing with a SCAM system. There will never be any 100% risk-free programs that can bring you money. Even a machine that bases its deals on facts and statistics can’t promise you that the financial market, that is a living thing, won’t change without any reason that is based on statistics. Otherwise, any trader would be a millionaire and there won’t be thousands of people that were in despair seeking money and got into traps like this.
The only way of not losing your last money is using a demo account. But for the majority of such SCAMs, they won’t provide you with any. Even if some company provide it to you, you will never get any real money from it. Of course, it’s good for learning how to work with Forex-like trading systems, but there still will be no guarantee that after you decide that you are ready for real deals, you won’t lose everything just because you will be too stressed.
That’s why all the SCAM systems are using any opportunity to bring you a sense of security and safety, while they are grabbing money right out of your pockets, and that’s why 50kaweek.pro is a SCAM that will never return you anything back.
To conclude, as you can see, the main thing that SCAMs like this one is good at is making people give them their hard-earned money by themselves. People behind this are like vultures that are looking for people that are desperate in making their living and are ready to try anything to get some money. And that’s why companies like that will always be the winners, because it is much easier to get money from trustful people, then to make deals on financial markets. That’s why we strongly recommend you to avoid such SCAMs. It will be much better for you to concentrate not on trying to not lose your money, but on the way of making them. We highly recommend you “Tools Trades” as a great sponsor of your bright future.

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