Stockbit Review – who are they and what do they do?


from time to time we go back to ensure our review is true and tested again and again and we follow up with our testers, it has seems that this system turned out to be a fraudulent one and our recommendation is to stay clear!

If you are willing to become a part of the binary trading world, then you might need some help in the beginning. There are lots of binary options tools that were created by smart and talented people to make the trading process more comfortable and safe. Even though to begin something completely new is always hard, professionals can make you more experienced in this field and prevent you from losing your money. Among such helpful programs, there is one that is called Stockbit. In this review, you will find all the information that will attract you to have a closer look at this system.

Stockbit is one of the last progressive binary trading softwares that is trying to involve new traders. It was created by Noah Hastings and Daniel Watanabe. Their claim is to help people earn money using the program they have developed and avoid scammers.


Stockbit is a modern auto trading software that has been launched into the Binary Options Industry. According to the website of the company, even those who never tried themselves in online binary trading can use this software as a great start. The access to the system is also free of charge and, as the advertising website video states, won’t require any additional payment from you. If you already looked at its website, you may have noticed that it is very professionally made. The developers spent some time on thinking about how to introduce you the information about company’s service. It is a good point for the platform if it doesn’t simply create a site with two statements that say: «Free money here!” The software company has to think about its reputation, and if it does, then you may add another plus to the list of the platform’s advantages.

Before you start diving into the deep of binary options trading, you should check twice on the software that you are intending to use. Due to the growing number of online scammers, it is very easy to get into the trap when you think that the company is trustworthy and works to bring you the profit but it turns out that you only get deeper into a financial pit. You may even find some good reviews about the software and testimonials from different people but it doesn’t always guarantee that you won’t become another victim of a scam.

The indicated owner of the platform is Daniel Watanabe, while his partner – Noah Hastings is the reporter of the software. You may also find their actual accounts on popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The system is created to make your life easier and bring you the profit. As stated in its advertising video, the current traders’ software’s profit is 7% a day and it’s growing up. That means that your daily income is based on the beginning amount of funds that you invest in the system. Of course, it is not wise to start your way to the rich with putting all your savings into the platform and lose all of them at one time trying to get the bigger profit. It is much better to gradually invest your money and see how it works better exactly for you.

As another proof of the trustworthiness of the system is the presence of testimonials on the company’s website. You may find some interesting information on the trading process from people that are using the same software as you. Who knows, maybe you will find some useful tips that will make the process even much easier than it already is. Actually, you may even find some mentions about Stockbit on CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal.

The program is fully automated which means that you don’t have to spend the whole day in front of a monitor to make a deal. The accuracy of the trade software hit the 70% level and that means that 7 stakes out of 10 are the correct ones! Not bad for a free software, right? Sure, you have to use your own mind during the process and think about the sum that you may afford yourself to risk today. It is much better to have some kind of strategy in your own head before blindly investing your money. Many fake systems are claiming that their winning rate is over 80% and this should make you doubt. The higher the ITM is claimed, the more chances are that you are dealing with a scammer. Of course, it is very convenient to stay sure that you will never lose a single penny, but let’s face the truth – not a single machine or a human will give you only 100% correct deals because it’s impossible. The financial market is based on human’s decisions and investments and it is one of the most unstable things. That’s why it is hard to create a program that will bring you such a high level of profit as the Stockbit does. Not only you should plan your daily income, but you also can have an influence on your yearly deposit. You may increase your income by 20-30% using the software with such a high ITM.



There are already more than 14000 users and, considering the fact that the platform was released one year ago, it has earned a huge popularity. So many people are getting profits from their accounts and it is a positive indicator which means that so many traders are still using it. Maybe it is really worth it? The answer is yes! Not a single person would put his or her money into something that is not trustworthy.

In conclusion, we think that we have to underline it one more time – Stockbit is the system you’ve been searching for. It can earn your trust from the first day of usage. Depending on the number of your stakes, you will merely get the profits from the funds that you’ve put on your account. Along with the Stockbit there is another checked platform that is led by an idea of helping people to trade properly called Crypto Genius. You may find all the important and useful information on its site.

Talking about the dark side of online currency trading, it is better for you to stay away from scammers and programs that are claiming to make you a millionaire in just a couple of days. Keep in mind that your hard-earned money belongs to you in the first place and think carefully about what you are investing it into because it is very easy to fall under the well-created spell that scammers are using to make you trust their software.

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