Will AdFlippers help you get rich? Or another scam?

The whole truth about AdFlippers. How to distinguish Scam from a real platform for making money?

Nowadays the Internet has just exploded from the multitude of offers to earn by having passive income. And, of course, such offers have a huge demand among users, because everyone wants to make money without making a lot of effort. But not everything is so simple, because in most cases such ads are hiding easy money trap systems. It would seem that all these tricks are obvious, and one shouldn’t waste time on such questionable ways of earning. But there are exceptions. Therefore, you should always check such services. And today, especially for you, we have checked the website AdFlippers, offering its customers easy money. And once again we have to answer the question: Is AdFlippers legit?

About the company

Before making a review, we first briefly describe what is the essence of earnings on this site.

This site is for those who are wondering how to make money online. The platform offers to earn money by watching ads. The idea seems strange but on the site, the effectiveness of this method of earnings is explained by the fact that many companies advertise on the Internet, and pay for the number of clicks and views of this advertising.

In fact, this is true, and thus many companies place banners on various sites and pay these sites for the number of visitors who follow the link to the advertiser’s site.

What does AdFlippers do? They offer you to buy an advertising banner on some popular website, clicks on which will generate profit for you.

This scheme is already causing some suspicion because buy advertising space on well-known sites is not so easy.

But in many ways, this offer is very attractive, because, according to the information from the site, this method of generating income “does not require risky investments and operations.” The main attraction of such a scheme is a guarantee of reliability, which all hope. After all, no one wants to lose their money.

About the website of the company

First, let’s take a look at the main page of the site.

Many experts believe that the appearance of the site can sometimes determine whether it is a Scam. Here we see a quite modest design and lack of bright advertising, which is so preferred by scammers, often using aggressive marketing to lure customers.

Just as important is how long ago the site was created. The shorter the period of existence of the site and the company itself, the more careful you should treat all offers because you can lose not only your time but also money.

Check domain AdFlippers 2019 showed that its age is not more than 300 days, which means that the site is relatively new, and yet you should not trust it at 100%. More respectable companies have existed for more than 10-15 years. Feel the difference.

We also noticed that the site uses an anonymous service, which can also cause a lot of questions. Of course, this can not serve as proof of fraud, as some sites use anonymous services for security purposes. Most owners thus struggle with various spam. But this method is also very convenient for scammers.

But the most important thing we found when checking – the site was registered with short life expectancy, and such schemes are already templates among liars. This is the first serious minute in the AdFlippers review.

How to work on the platform?

Here everything is very simple. All users are invited to go through a simple registration, which does not take more than 5 minutes. At the same time, on the registration page, the site uses a very interesting marketing trick. Before the user pops up a banner that says that the user is a special and the only lucky person on this site. Very banal reception, but does not cause any suspicion.

Also, the user is offered to choose one of the two available types of accounts, one of which is free. There is no big difference between them, so it seemed to us that a paid account in some way does not make sense. They offer to pay $150 for a webinar. But we don’t think, it would be so effective.

Does it really work?

To check it out, we had to check it all out ourselves, as well as refer to a variety of AdFlippers reviews to collect as many different opinions about this unusual way of earning.

The first thing we did was register on the site to get started. And that’s what we found there. In order to get “easy” money, you need to buy a banner. More precisely, users are given several packages of banners to choose from. The costs are very different.

But the main problem is that AdFlippers sends the user to the Click2sell service, through which the purchase is carried out. Click2sell is a fraudulent service that has been repeatedly exposed by other users who have already lost their money by purchasing something on this site.

This has been confirmed by many reviews from other users. Many complained that they did not receive any profit; all complaints to technical support were unsuccessful.

On all this, there were also positive reviews, but as it turned out, most of them were paid, i.e. AdFlippers paid actors and other users for positive reviews. So if you see a person who claims that with the help of AdFlippers you can easily earn – do not believe. It’s a scam.

Our recommendations and conclusions

This time we managed to reveal the whole truth about AdFlippers scam. There is no way to make money on this platform. Don’t believe any promises and reviews because most of them are purchased. You will only spend your money and time in vain.

Always remember that there are a lot of make money online scams. And we strongly recommend that you always check those sites with which you are going to work. Because it is impossible to return the lost money. Do not risk your financial resources.

We recommend you to use different services, where information about scammers is placed. There you can find the other scam reviews. So you can check different sites and companies an advance.

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