Will Tesler System show you to the top where Tesla car company is or is it all a SCAM?

Are you sick and tired of routine life, constantly looking for a job, driving hours through the traffics and earning just to bear the main costs, barely making both ends meet? Do not worry, millions of people all around the world face the same problem every day, trying to find a way out. Frequently, such situation may lead a man to the deep depression, so no life pleasures are available and even no light in the end of the tunnel.

However, now within scientific developments, new opportunities are appearing for ordinary people, including online trading systems. Visitors are advised to become a millionaire just in about a year, doing practically nothing specifically. One of such systems is Teslar Software, probably the most recent one and gaining popularity. Do you think it has anything to do with Tesla Company? Sounds quite similar, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at it more closely.

Removing the scale from your eyes on Teslar activity.

Visiting their website, you come across to an introductory video, somehow an advertisement to attract new clients. The structure and the goal of such videos are rather the same:

  1. To tempt a visitor by huge promises.
  2. To show life examples of their “success”.
  3. To make you believe by emphasizing a simpler administration.
  4. To limit your thinking it over carefully by special offers.

However, this video is designed to astonish you a little, it is not just a voice-over and a text on the screen, there is a whole film with the leading actor. We should admit he plays perfectly his role of a successful businessman, gladly throwing money around. Weird, he has not seen at the Oscars yet. Actually, this fact should alarm you right away, if a real millionaire knows some secrets of getting profit, he would use it alone or at the very least would share them with the family members. After you took your blinders off, we will show you the most obvious and silly tricks in the given video.

The first one is already mentioned successful businessman, whose task is to make you believe every word he is saying, because here he is, a living example of success. But the funniest part there is his extreme generosity – as he claims, their goal is helping people to become wealthy and rich, and not making money by using them. Just an angel in human form, The Earth is safe from now on. Smart tactics, especially when an actor plays his role fully convincingly, it can make a good impression.

Even though they confirm the system is totally free, obviously, you will not be able to earn money without any start-up capital. This deposit may seem so tiny, comparing to the profit you will get in just a day (at least, that is what they say), but imagine if all that money fades away in some period. Nothing pleasant, I should say.

The second trick using the reaction of a recent client, who had no idea of someone coming. It is rather standard marketing method so that a viewer would imagine himself in her shoes. A person starts to make plans and visualizing his own reaction in this situation.

In general, using actors instead of just voice and comments is Teslar’s thing. We can see it again when they present reviews from all around the world. People describe their experience and opinion, just in front of the camera. Teslar administration probably considers such way much more convincing, but we will not get those cheap tricks, will we?

Then they break out the big guns, showing the routine life of ordinary people, emphasizing all drawbacks and troubles. Almost each of us begins to recognize ourselves in these life descriptions, looking for a job, earning so tiny amount of money or lonely parenthood.

Something suits you, doesn’t it? Definitely. In that case, a person thinks, if someone does it without any skills, what is the reason not to accomplish it. The system designed for the majority of the population, working class, who have already experienced a lot and just wants to have a well-deserved salary.

Finally, there are reminders of exclusivity of the software offer throughout the whole video. In the beginning, we see nine places left, which is already little, but they keep pressing so that in the end we see a number three.

Unconsciously, we may rely on these numbers, “people keep participating, while I’m sitting here motionless, just watching, I better hurry up, no time to think it over”. However, do you really believe that you are that lucky to come upon this site just in time, an exact day of the special offer, and there will never again be such opportunity? We can assure you that if you come the day after, you will see the same picture at any moment in the future. Apparently, no one logged in, while your watching, especially with such speed, it is all SCAM. What else could they figure out for you to immediately make a decision because there is a possibility of your changing it in a little while?

Our recommendations on avoiding SCAM systems

Was this article useful? We do hope so. Although we do not act like saints, on the contrary of the Teslar owner, we would like innocent people not to be deceived by such companies and to keep their fairly earned money safe. Well, there is an appropriate system “ToolsTrades” that cares about its reputation and does not rob its clients to make a profit at this particular moment but works to long-term commitment. It provides freedom in making decisions about your depositions and maintenance of your own budget so that you will not be under control of some kind of fully automated system.

In conclusion, we would like to state that trading systems, in general, are not a safe way of earning money, risks always appear in such spheres, however, the income in the successful case is also impressive. Well, there is no reward without the risk, isn’t it? The most important is to choose carefully, by reading hundreds of reviews or even better to seek an advice from your acquaintance, possessing a necessary information. In that case, you may spend a little more time and effort on that activity but being absolutely sure in its stability.


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