Zemusoft Review

Zemusoft – Truth or Scam? Review

Today we are going to talk about a binary platform that has been on the scene for some time, we are referring to Zemusoft. As we have already anticipated it is a platform for binary options that is a real scam but also the deceptions and lies are seen leagues, they try to make us believe that they are leaders in the market.

The truth is that we do not understand very well what they mean by this, perhaps they have created the biggest scam of all time. Whatever it is, we are not going to let them go and we will analyze this support in detail.

We want to know all the information about what makes Zemusoft to try to deceive us right and left and we are going to dismantle the story that has been mounted quickly.

We don’t want to continue deceiving more users, for this reason, and then we will see everything they present on their website and discover how far they can go to try to get all our money.

If they were aiming to leave our current money account to zero, they face a hard nut to crack, because we are experts in unmasking this type of media. Now without further ado … let’s check what Zemusoft really is!

What is Zemusoft app?

To start this review about the Zemusoft software, the first thing we have done is to go to the website of this support to see if there, we can get some information about this platform.

We have already analyzed a large number of legal and safe brokers, that’s why we know that the usual thing is that on their websites we can learn the necessary information and get informed about the experience they have, their year of creation, as well as many other interesting things.

So, once we enter the website of Zemusoft, we start to investigate, we hope to find something interesting there.

But, no matter how many laps we have given to the page, nothing appears that can give us a clue as to exactly what this support is. There are no links; there is no exclusive section for it … nothing!

Without doubt, this already makes us suspicious, but we continue to advance a little more on the page, becausewe do not give up so easily. Wow, it seems that at the end of the web page there are some links on the conditions of use of the support and the policy of action  among others.

Maybe there we can get something out of all this. Logically, it does not take us a second to click on one of those links, because surely, there is the information we are looking for.

But, to our surprise, after we clicked on them, absolutely nothing appears, in fact, they direct us just to the beginning of the page where there is an explanatory video about the system. Well, this seems quite weird, it is not normal that a service that is called himself “true” is trying to hide information, therefore, this makes us think that it is fraudulent software. Even so, we do not cease in our effort to get some data that interests us to know for our analysis.


For this reason, we go to the Internet to see if on the network, we talk about Zemusoft. The truth is that everything we have found on the Internet is not exactly good.

Alert: Most portals we have visited have very negative opinions about this support; therefore, we are increasingly aware that this system is not reliable at all.

But, to our surprise, in one of the many pages that we have visited we have found something, finally. However, do not go to believe that this information is too interesting; the only thing we have obtained is that Zemusoft carries in operation in the market since 2015.

Therefore, at least we already know that they have been trying for three years to get the money from a lot of users. How many they have managed to cheat? Hopefully, a few. In any case, today we are here to finally disappear from the map.

Considering all this, our first indications seem to be true

The lack of information on this platform of binary actions and the negative opinions of the other financial portals have given us the clues, Zemusoft is a deceptive support or at least, everything points to yes.

With which, we will continue with our analysis because I’m sure that we will find much more evidences on the support website. Let’s move forward.

After this brief presentation on Zemusoft, the time has come to get fully involved and our first stop will be to meet the wonderful privileged mind that has made it possible for us today to have at our disposal a system that will make us rich (rather it will pluck us) in record time.

Rhys Lakem is a scammer

On the front page we can see our friend Rhys Lakem, a true Messiah for our current account. Julio is the inventor of this trading system and tells us that he has devoted a large part of his life to working in this sector and has belonged to large companies.

However, one day he changed the chip and decided to help others, creating Zemusoft, unique software that generates a large number of profits. According to Mr. Lakem, he only has one goal right now and that is to be able to give ordinary people a chance to earn a lot of money.

Common? We have been very funny using this adjective could not have used another? Each one of us is unique, therefore that of commons, is totally out of place. Although thinking about it, the same uses that name because for him, it is “common” to carry out this type of scams.

But Julio’s hopeful message does not end there, because it also uses other words such as freedom or happiness. That is to say, according to our friend, if we use the system he has created, we will live by the totally happy remains, because we will be able to earn a big deal.

In addition, we will do it in a completely free way; we do not know if it was happened to you but until now, we are not living in a prison. Maybe he was wrong, because when he completely discovers the scam he is trying to make with Zemusoft, he will be the one to sleep behind some bars.

Julio assures us that with his system we will be able to earn the amount of 1,000 dollars a day, although later he makes us a little mess with the message because he tells us that thanks to his software, all the users who are part of the community have accumulated some earnings of 100 million dollars a year.

Our Recommendations & Conclusion

That’s it, another scam is revealed. In order to avoid such software you always have to analyze the software in which you want to invest money. Zemusoft is clearly a scam, but what about the alternatives? We can recommend Tool Trades system. This software will not make you instantly rich, but it helps a lot on the way of success. This signals system comes with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make accurate predictions so you can stay in touch with current trends and save your time on research, so you can make instant bets with low risk. It’s win-win software with clear reputation and a big number of users.

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