The sale of Facebook shares performed by Mark Zuckerberg this year

The Director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg at this time puts on sale from up to 75 million stocks of Facebook INC
within the following 18 months. As he promised on his last year interview, starting from this year onwards he’ll be
releasing his shares of Facebook on scheduled sales. And the number of shares that cost 357 million dollars he
released in February already.

Supported by CNBC Mark Zuckerberg released news on him trying to invest into the Chang Zuckerberg initiative with this charity investment. His main idea is that within the next few months he will make seven separate shares sales and with this amount of money he will be able to support the fund. The previous plan was announced last September and it was to release from 35 to 75 million shares during next 12 months. According to the latest updates when this plan has been announced they would have cost $6 billion to $12,5 billion. But as the Facebook stocks went up lately now the sale of 75 million would create $13 billion earnings. Considering the sale, the CEO will still own 87% of the shares of Facebook Incorporated.

This was not the first time as Mark Zuckerberg was selling his shares from the company. The charity has become one
of the major Zuckerberg goals in running his business and supported projects. And going more deep in its research
the Record discovered that Zuckerberg was owning 9.5 million stocks less last year then he had the year before
reports were made. Zuckerberg activity on selling his shares noticed that all the money that he releases from the
company going to the charity that he and his wife Priscilla Chan run. According to these actions now we might
mention that his activity on pulling out the shares of his company will continue for the following two years. Number of shares sales of Facebook has been scheduled already for the following year. At the same time the place of
Facebook Incorporated as a social network still stays way higher that its main competitors Twitter or Snapchat.

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